Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Mistake?

One of the most common mistakes that people make is trying the device right out of the box. ApneaRx is a CUSTOM FIT device and is intended to be boiled before being used. Do not use ApneaRx without boiling it to a CUSTOM FIT first. This ensures a proper fit tailored specifically to you and leads to a successful application of the benefits of ApneaRx.

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How Does ApneaRx Work?

ApneaRx works by a technique called ‘mandibular repositioning’ in which it advances and holds the lower jaw in a slightly forward position so that the airway remains open throughout the night. This improves breathing and reduces snoring and sleep apnea. ApneaRx is unique in that it allows the patient to micro-calibrate the setting of the forward advancement at any time to achieve a custom comfortable fit. This is very important to achieve optimal clinical success and patient comfort.

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Does ApneaRx Require a Prescription?

No. In Canada, the ApneaRx is a Class I medical device and does not require a prescription.

Can I use the ApneaRx with dentures?

No. The ApneaRx is not recommended for individuals with full dentures. Because ApneaRx holds your jaw in a slightly forward position, having dentures may not keep the ApneaRx is a secure position throughout the night. By taking out the dentures at night, there may not be enough hold between the ApneaRx and the gums to keep the device secure throughout the night. However, for people with partial dentures, if there are enough teeth in the front to hold the device securely in place, then the ApneaRx may be an option for you.

What is ApneaRx’s guarantee?

ApneaRx is unconditionally guaranteed for a full refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase.

What are the Potential Consequences if Treatment for Sleep Apnea is Ignored?

Neglect in treating sleep apnea may result in life threatening medical disorders such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression.

Is ApneaRx Safe?

Mandibular repositioning to reduce snoring and sleep apnea has been safely used by patients for many years. Since ApneaRx is adjustable it can be better fitted to the patient to avoid potential problems – like (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) TMJ . As with all products, you should carefully both read and follow all instructions and labeling before use.

Can I use the ApneaRx if I grind my teeth?

The ApneaRx can be used by individuals who grind their teeth and can potentially replace the current mouthguard being used for grinding. Because ApneaRx holds your teeth in place during the night, and there is enough cushioning material between the teeth to keep the teeth from making contact.

Does ApneaRx Cause TMJ and Pain after Use?

No! Unlike other products that lock your jaw into a setting, ApneaRx’s design provides micro- calibration to insure against TMJ. If your jaw feels uncomfortable, just reduce the advancement of ApneaRx until more comfortable. It pain continues, discontinue use immediately and contact your health care professional.

Is ApneaRx Easy to Fit?

Fitting is quick and easy. Immerse the device in boiling water for 90 seconds. After dipping it in cool water for a couple of seconds, ApneaRx is placed in your mouth and self molded for 30 seconds. This process can be repeated 2-3 times. A step-by-step Instruction Guide is included in the ApneaRx kit as well as an on-line video tutorial, and we highly suggest it be be read in detail or the tutorial watched in its entirety before fitting ApneaRx.

How Long Does it Take to Feel Comfortable with ApneaRx?

Typically, the adjustment period takes about 3-5 nights of consistent use. It is perfectly normal for your jaw, teeth and gums to feel moderately sore and fatigued at first. This discomfort is much like getting braces or a retainer for the first time. However, it is not normal to experience severe, sharp or ongoing pain. These symptoms may be an indication of a more serious problem with your jaw called temporomandibular disorder (TMD). If you experience these symptoms or believe you have TMD, discontinue use immediately and contact your health care professional.

Can I Breathe through My Mouth while Wearing ApneaRx?

Yes! ApneaRx lets you breathe completely naturally, through your mouth and nose. We recommend you do not buy any device that restricts breathing through your mouth or nose.

How Do I Clean my ApneaRx?

The ApneaRx can be cleaned by using a toothbrush and toothpaste.

How Do I Store my ApneaRx?

Store your cleaned ApneaRx in the supplied case. This ensures that it will retain its shape and prevent accidental damage.

How Often Should the ApneaRx be Replaced?

Each ApneaRx undergoes normal wear and tear through the course of nightly use. We recommend replacing the unit every 12 months. Some individuals grind their teeth (bruxism), more than others and therefore may need to replace it more often.

Can I Return ApneaRx?

Yes! You can return the ApneaRx. The ApneaRx is unconditionally guaranteed for a full refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase. Please refer to our returns policy for more information.

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